Homeschool Math Chat Launches!

March 17, 2011

Are you teaching math at home? Are you a classroom teacher that wants to do things a little differently? Are you a math teacher who already does things differently and you want to share with others?

Then Homeschool Math Chat, #HSMath, is a Twitter Party for you!

Bring your questions, bring your answers. Bring your ideas for new and interesting books and plans.

Launching Today!

We’ll have an unofficial start on Thursday, March 17 at 9pm CST where we will knock around some topic ideas for the parties. We’ll be asking, “What topics would you like to see? What challenges would you like tackled?”

Starting on Thursday, March 24 we will officially launch our weekly Thursday party at 9pm CST.

So pack your bags, and bring the hashtag #HSMath. Let’s have a party!

How do I join the party?

You need a Twitter account. If you don’t have one click here to get one.

You’ll need a way to follow #HSMath separately from your other tweets (or you’ll go nuts). Some options are:

  • TweetChat – this types the #HSMath tag and follows the stream
  • What the Hashtag?! – this types the #HSMath tag and allows you to filter the stream and shorten URLs
  • TweetDeck – for Desktop, iPhone or iPad, you’ll have to add the #HSMath hashtag yourself
  • HootSuite – Good service, but you’ll have to add the #HSMath hashtag yourself on this one too
  • TweetGrid – a web-based dashboard that’s also an app for some smartphones, again you’ll need to add #HSMath on each tweet

The first two get you most directly to where you need to be to participate. If you have questions or are panicked, send me a note via twitter by clicking here.

And if you have a chance, please support Homeschool Math Chat by voting to give us authority and tweeting to your friends.

(You can also find this information on the navigation bar, above. Click on Homeschool Math Chat.)


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