The Geometry behind Folding Fitted Sheets

I’m a little anal when it comes to folding sheets. And it turns out I’m extremely good at it.

But until recently, I didn’t see that it had so much math in it.

Rip apart your sheets!

Okay, really – don’t.

But consider what it looks like if you tear out all the seams and remove the elastic. What you’re left with is a concave irregular .

Check out this pseudo-infographic to see how easy it is to fold a concave irregular dodecagon:
Geometry behind Fitted Sheets (

Try it on your sheets.

The idea behind folding fitted sheets is the same. You can’t go about ripping out seams and tearing out elastic, but you can work around them.

And that’s what I did in this video:

Use it with your kids.

Practice folding your sheets my way, or just wad them up like many other people.

Either way, use the words “concave irregular dodecagon.” If your children question what you’re talking about, revel in your amazing intelligence, and encourage them to Google it.

If they’re young enough, just have them say it. Nothing’s cuter than a toddler saying fancy math words!

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