Help! I’m Going to the Texas Home School Coalition Conference!

On Friday and Saturday I’ll be attending my first ever homeschool conference.

And boy am I pumped!

I’m so fresh and new at this – but really, I’ve been doing it forever. My ma sent us to public school (a really good one, Tarkington ISD) but as a single parent, she didn’t have much choice. At least back then.

But she started her own business cleaning houses so she could be an afterschooling mom. She really REALLY wanted us to have the learning and interaction she could provide from 4pm to bedtime.

Almost everything I know about math, I learned from her. She (and you) might be surprised at that because her degree is in English! But she taught me puns, patterns and a way to look at the world in a totally different light. Which is exactly what math is.

I’m an afterschooling graduate and parent.

Husband and I haven’t decided on how we’ll educate Daughter. Right now she’s going to a day school, which is really good for her and us.

And we afterschool like crazy. It takes me forever to get anywhere with her because I let her observe everything. For as long as she wants.

Everything I publish on this site is either used on her or I can’t wait to use it on her.

I need your help!

My mission is to help the first and most important teachers – parents – to be comfortable enough with math to teach it to their children through experiences. Which means I need to know what parents need from me. How can I help?

I’ve got experience with infants and toddlers at this point. I know grownups, too (taught college for 15 years). But school-aged kids? I’m depending on y’all.

So what should I ask when I go to the conference? What should I learn and discover that will help me help you?

Please, please, let me know. Leave a comment or shoot me an email.

(Oh, and if you want to meet up, let me know that too – I’d love to connect!)

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2 Responses to Help! I’m Going to the Texas Home School Coalition Conference!

  1. Bonnie, if I may chip in, I have two suggestions for how you could help parents of school-age children:

    a) help with teaching number facts, especially multiplication
    b) help understanding modern math content, and recognizing situations when a parent can help their child to engage with that math.

    • Got it! Thanks, Peter.

      I’m enjoying myself a lot here. Pretty worn out, booth feet and brain, but getting so much more than I ever dreamed.

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