Be the Village – How to Help Every Kid with Math

Have you seen the kid that isn’t getting the attention he needs at home? Wonder what’s going to become of him?

Well, the “it takes a village” concept isn’t far off. You might not be able to change his world, but sharing a little about math might help with one corner of it.

Share math in small bites.

Every time you see the child, pose a fun puzzle. It doesn’t have to be blatantly mathematical. Anything to get his logic working helps. I love the Childcraft Mathemagic book for puzzle ideas.

Ask her random math facts. Tell her you’ll give her something for each one she gets right – or each 10 she gets right in a row. Find out what’s important to her that you can’t get in trouble sharing. Like money, chocolate, baubles, etc.

Tell him that when you were growing up you wanted to be a mathematician. Ask him to find his favorite mathematician online. Find one yourself that you can discuss – I’m partial to Abel and Galois.

Be positive about math.

There might be many things wrong in a child’s life. Let math be the one that isn’t. Be positive. Help make math the thing a kid can hold on to.

Be the village because it takes a village. Share your stories in the comments!

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