Product Review: Brainetics Disc 1

Mike Byster and his crew were kind enough to send me a copy of their program Brainetics a few months ago. Because it’s not on the iPhone, it’s taken me a little while to focus on it. But it was worth it!

Brainetics Number Fun gave me some cool party tricks.

I was hoping to jump right in and supercharge my brain and this first DVD is only the warm ups.  I was very excited to learn two of the three things on it, though. I impressed my sister with the card trick and impressed Husband with the magic squares creation.

Curiously, my sister quickly figured out how the card trick worked. I was probably over thinking it.

I watched and then quickly dismissed the “Cool Calendar Challenge.” Wasn’t my thing.

The first DVD is exactly what is claims – Number Fun.

Brainetics notes that there are three reasons it works. It:

  • teaches how to MASTER all the vitally important learning SKILLS.
  • TRAINS two different parts of the MIND to work simultaneously yet independently of each other.

I have to say that they’re totally right on the third point. Mike is a little goofy, if you’re viewing him from a corporate perspective. But view him from a kids POV or from an excited mathematician’s, and he’s pretty awesome.

Use the first DVD for entertainment.

Your children can learn from DVD#1, Brainetics Number Fun, no doubt. But it doesn’t seem to be a requirement to move on. After watching it, I skipped DVD #2.

It seemed that #2 might also be full of nifty tricks, but not the key to supercharging my brain. I’ve just started on DVD #3.

I might regret that move. I’ll let you know.

Do you use Brainetics? What did you think of the first DVD?

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