Math iPad App Numerosity Launches!

UPDATE: There are three Numerosity apps now: Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication.

I rarely write about an app that I haven’t used. I’m writing about Numerosity, an iPad only app, even though my little nubs have never tapped its buttons.

Numerosity: The Brains

The brains behind Numerosity, Cristina Luminea, is a member of the math revolution. Through the journey of designing Numerosity, she and I had many conversations. And she asked so many questions!

We talked about if the app should focus on girls more than boys (I recommended neutral). She asked my opinions from a mathematics point of view as well as a mom point of view.

She asked my thoughts on options for Skruff, the helpful character in the app (I picked the ones that the kids hated).

We talked math, life, business and kids.

She’s an amazing woman – so I expect the product of her efforts to be just as amazing!

Numerosity: The Dog

Kids practice the order of operations in a non-threatening (even fun), engaging environment. They even get to practice manipulating equations for algebra!

And they do this with Skruff, the helpful pooch. Here’s a bit about him from the Numerosity website:

Skruff, the streetwise dog, is always at hand as a cheeky companion. The player is engaged in a race against the clock to help Skruff learn math by rearranging as well as dragging and dropping numbers into their correct positions.

Numerosity: You, The Parent

Apparently there’s a built in part so parents get emails from the app. You learn how things are going and what concepts your child is experiencing. In the emails you get things you can do at home to reinforce the concepts he or she is learning on the app!

But as a parent, you may be asking, “Is my child ready for algebra things?”

Remember that children often are capable of much more than grownups think. Have you ever been amazed at how smart your child is? It’s because you can’t imagine him or her being that capable at that age.

It’s not your fault. We grownups have been conditioned to expect less from each other.

But kids are way smarter than we think, give them credit for or tell them. They’re probably smarter than we are.

Get the app, hand it over and sit quietly. You’ll be impressed.

Numerosity: The App

It’s fun, it’s intuitive and it’s free! There are in-app purchases in Numerosity of chapter upgrades but it’s ridiculously reasonable:  chapters are $.99 to $1.99, full upgrade is $5.99.

But you don’t have to pay a dime to get Numerosity and play some! (Although you do have to have an iPad – did I mention that?)

Have a peek, get the app and let me know what you think in the comments!

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