Personalized Number Puzzle Gift

I’m working on a $0 budget for Christmas this year. And now that I’m in the wrapping phase, I’m noticing some missing checkboxes on my list.

So my big question this morning was, “How do I stay at $0 – but still give something they’ll love?”

Make something cool!

My abilities redefine crafty. Well, they defy crafty anyway.

I remembered seeing this number puzzle in a textbook a few weeks ago:

I dissected it and came up with a formula for recreating the number puzzle using any numbers I wanted.

And I figured out how to make it so the end result would be anything – not just the number you picked at the beginning.

Personalized number puzzles as gifts!

So I’m taking each person’s “special number” and creating a number puzzle out of it. For some, that’s their birth year. For others it will be their favorite number or last four digits of their phone number.

And I’m making them into a pretty little gift sheet:

You can do it too.

I’ve put all this neatly in a spreadsheet so you can put in your own numbers – and make a number puzzle gift for your cherished math people!

1. Open theĀ spreadsheet and theĀ document.

2. Put the person’s number in the green box next to “Number to get.” Use their year of birth, birth date, favorite number, graduation year, etc.

3. Put some various numbers in the green boxes next to a, b, c and d. Or use the ones that are there. They will work fine.

4. Copy the numbers in the sentences in the spreadsheet to the corresponding places in the cute document.

5. Print it, tag it and hang it on the tree!

Have fun!

What numbers will you pick? To whom will you give it?

Share it in the comments and don’t forget to share on twitter too!

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