20 Challenging Puzzle Types

A list (and links) to 20 puzzle and riddle types you can try with your kids. Are your kids bored with math? Are they afraid of it?

How about you?

I was excited to put together this list of challenges for a client yesterday. Then it occurred to me that the rest of y’all might enjoy it too.

This is not an assignment!

Do not feel you should do, or ask your children to do, all of these.

Instead, click on the ones that look interesting. If you’re compelled to dig in, do. If not, skip it.

Which ones you choose say a lot about how you think and learn. But we’ll talk more about that in another post!

Enjoy the Challenges!

Here’s the list:

  1. Balance Problems over at Learner.org
  2. Imbalance problems at Lost in Recursion
  3. Martin Gardner Puzzles
  4. Sam Loyd Puzzles
  5. Shape Puzzles at MathIsFun.com
  6. Einstein Riddles
  7. Card Puzzles
  8. Crypto Pics or Nonograms
  9. Cryptograms
  10. Logi-number Puzzles
  11. Wackie Wordies by GAMES Magazine
  12. Optical Illusions – not technically a game, but still challenging
  13. Palindrome Riddles
  14. Minesweeper – yes, the old classic!
  15. Sudoku
  16. Mindreading the Number
  17. Tangrams Online by PBS Kids (or try this tangram player)
  18. Probability Tree Diagram Puzzles – technically an assignment for a probability class, but turned into a puzzle set!
  19. Tower of Hanoi
  20. The 8 Digit Puzzle

Some informative links on types of logic/puzzle play:

Your turn…

Enjoy a puzzle or two. Comment on your experience with them in the comments.

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