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Daughter is into Goldfish. So much so that my brother has dubbed my car The Goldfish Burial Ground. If my Harry Potter wand worked, I could “poof” my car clean. Alas, Daughter loves Goldfish, and my magic wand is defunct.

So when Yummymath shared these activities with me, one on Goldfish and one on HP movies, I was pretty excited. They’re long, so they put them in PDF form:

Notice that, although there are some right and wrong answers, it’s a lot of investigation. Furthermore, in the Harry Potter worksheet, kids get to decide on their own what determines success for a movie. Both great things to do in the world of teaching math.

Yummymath provides about three or four of these worksheets for free on their website every week. Yes, for free!

They also provide a parent/teacher help guide…

…if you’re a member. “Oh yeah, there’s the catch,” I hear you thinking. Indeed, at the whopping fee of $9 dollars per year (yes, per year) you have access to the solutions/help guide for all the exercises.

Here’s what they look like:

I’m trying to convince them to up their price. I think it should be a monthly fee. It’s extremely hard to make exercises like these, not to mention all the effort they put into the parent/teacher guide.

They’ve informed me that they’re likely to go up to $12 per year. *ARG*

In the meantime, you probably should get in quick, before I convince them of the amazing value they are offering.

Oh – and tell me in the comments how you like the exercises and guides – I’d love to hear your feedback!

UN-Disclaimer: They didn’t give me squat for this article except these exercises to give to you for free. I don’t even get commission on sales. (Not that they could afford it at that ludicrously cheap price!) What they’re doing is great. Yummymath is an awesome resources for homeschool and classroom teachers everywhere!

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