Smurfy Student Traits You See in Yourself

Do your students have intense versions of traits that you see in yourself? I sure do!This past year I’ve had the incredible joy of teaching a group of students with diagnosed neurological differences.

I like to think they learned from what I had to offer them.

However, I learned so much more from them. Specifically about myself.

Girl, Intensified

One of the coolest things about this student population is that their differences make some of their characteristics much more intense. If a student was inclined to frustration, and got frustrated, he would get really really frustrated!

Often these intense characteristics were so dramatic that it would drown out other qualities. Which allowed me to observe learning and thinking in a way that I never had before.

The Smurfs

In every one of my students I found an intensified trait of myself. Over the year, I began to identify with them. Even give them “smurfy” names.

Here are ten of my favorite:

Friend Smurf – I love being around my friends and watching how amusing they are. What a wonderful privilege to have such entertaining friends.

Passionate Smurf – When I like something, I want to do it as much as possible. And I will. Oh yes, I will.

Annoyed Smurf – I have an extremely low annoyance threshold. And it’s highly likely that you’ll step across it.

Super Smurf – Yes. I am a superhero. And I can save the world, or you, if you need me to.

Quoting Smurf – I can communicate in movie lines and song lyrics, but only if you also know the references.

Sensitive Smurf – I’m sensitive. Very sensitive. But if you let me cry through it, I’ll be just fine in a few minutes.

Literal Smurf – When you say something, be careful. I just might take you literally. And sometimes I might even call you on it.

Overwhelmed Smurf – Sometimes the things I need to do are so overwhelming that I shut down in anxiety of the immensity.

Droppings Smurf – If I leave my stuff in your space, it means I like you. Don’t mess with it and don’t ask me to share my feelings in words. Just accept it.

Clever Smurf – Yes, I know you want me to focus. But it’s far more fun to figure out ways to annoy you that are logistically sound and theoretically legitimate.

Your Smurfy Turn…

How about you? What traits of your students do you identify with?

And if you feel you can’t identify with a student, dig a little deeper. I bet you can!

Share your thoughts in the comments. And don’t forget to share on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook!

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