Adding Decimals – All Wrong!

Part of Wordless Wednesday

When substitute teaching 5th grade math today, I had the opportunity to incite a riot.

The students were calmed when I finally listened to their screams of, “line up the decimals.” And some of the girls stayed after class to add some adverbs to my comment of “two decimals in a number is weird.”

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4 Responses to Adding Decimals – All Wrong!

    • I wasn’t able to get feedback from the students that this might have affected (the “louder” students seemed to already know this didn’t work) but I certainly hope that it hit someone just right. Sometimes a good way to do something is the only way that doesn’t mess things up. So if they see that mis-lining up the decimals will give you two of them, maybe they’ll always go back and realign!

      Thanks for stopping by, Denise!

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