2 Ways to Multiply Mixed Numbers

Multiplying fractions provides an interesting challenge. Put some mixed number into the situation and you could be facing a real bear.

Here’s one way to work the problem   by converting it to mixed numbers:

Or you can use the handing dandy distributive property (or as some might recognize it – FOIL):

Here’s one more for fun:

Thanks to NapNinja4 on MyMathForum for this question.

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4 Responses to 2 Ways to Multiply Mixed Numbers

  1. In your first example of how to multiply mixed numbers, you state the following:

    Here’s one way to work the problem 2 3/4 x 8 1/7 by converting it to mixed numbers.

    However, they are already mixed numbers. I believe you meant to say “converting them to improper fractions.” You might want to fix that!

    • Thanks for pointing it out, Kathy. I won’t likely fix it, as refilming takes a ton of time and students will know what I mean.

      Also, it’s always nice to see math teachers make errors. Keeps the rest of us feeling like it’s okay to make errors too. 🙂

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