Using Conjugates in Imaginary and Complex Number Work

Complex numbers are made from one part real number and one part imaginary number. That’s one heck of a mixture.

Anytime you mix things, you take the complicated to, well, the complex. (Goodness I’m punny today!)

We use conjugates in the manipulation of these things. First it’s important to understand what a conjugate is…

It’s just a pixie-dust quick-switch sleight of hand thing, right? Pretty much. Can you legally do that? Well, no. Clearly 4+8 is not the same as 4-8. Anymore than 12 is the same as -4. Duh.

But you’ll see in this next video that you’re not really jumping up and trying to change the value of things…

What’s really happening is that you’re inventing something to use as a “clever form of one” – the big fat one.

And here’s one more example. Don’t forget to comment or request a solution if you’re still confused.

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