My Worldview

If you’re here, you’re interested in my worldview.

I’m still not clear on a definition of “worldview.” I somewhat understand it to mean the lens through which you view the world. Some people mean religion, denomination or belief system when they say “worldview,” though. And that’s where it’s confusing to me.

My worldview is curiosity.

I know that I can’t prove squat about the world or the afterlife (or the pre-life). I just know that I’ve been blessed with a freakish curiosity. And a blessing it is.

I look at everything from a perspective of “what if?” Which is part of what makes this site so valuable for parents. Your kiddos are blessed with the same curiosity. And they’ll keep it until Reality or Society or some other weird Horseman of the Apocalypse of Childhood rides in.

It’s been my worldview for as long as I can remember.

Since I was five I’ve wondered about the existence of God. I’ve gone through some high religious points in my life and some high atheistic ones. And none of them have fit. And not because I can’t believe any of them. But because they all seem equally believable. 

Some people can’t find the right thing to believe in. I believe in everything!

And I’m Christian.

I was raised Roman Catholic Christian – so the high church is what always felt like home. Currently I’m Episcopalian Catholic Christian. Which means I get the high church along with people who let me enjoy Jesus, raise my kids thinking Jesus is cool, and still encourage my questions and ponderances.

And I’m thankful that God’s brought me to them. And that He’s brought you here.

Thanks for reading!

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