Thanksgiving Math Craft: Geometric Pilgrim

Are you ready for your kids to be home for 5 days straight? Try this simple and cheap craft to keep them busy and support holiday math learning.Are you ready for your kids to be home for 5 days straight over Thanksgiving? Try this simple math craft that’s easy and cheap.

And it’s even better because there’s math involved. (You’ll totally feel like the good parent!)



Use the template shapes to cut out the geometric pieces from construction paper. I’ve suggested black, white, yellow, brown and pink for the cutouts, but your kids can choose what makes them happy.

Follow the design on the download to glue the pieces together, or to another piece of construction paper. Draw in the face bits.

Now, GO!

Use the questions to start a conversation about shapes. And share pictures of the artwork in the Facebook group Empowering Parents to Tackle Math.


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