What Frustrates a Parent During Math Homework?

Do you know what frustrates a parent during math homework? Are you a frustrated parent? Tell me about it here...The title makes you think I’m going to answer the question.

But I’m asking it.

What’s the problem?

Parents and children should collaboratively share the challenges of math homework. Not get crazy and frustrated with them, and each other.

But in bazillions of homes every night, math homework time is frustrating.

My goal is to create a way to help families stay calm, so they can collaborate on the challenges of math.

So far, I’m doing a pretty crappy job of it. And that’s because I’m assuming I know what makes parents and kids frustrated.

What an ASSuming person I am!

Do you get frustrated during math homework time?

If yes, why?

Are you really frustrated, or just overwhelmed? Do you struggle with the math, or getting your child to sit down and do it?

Do you like the textbook, but hate the teacher? Or love the teacher, and want to burn the book?

Money is no object…

You pick the solution. What would you do to improve math homework time?

This is a brainstorm, so cancelling math classes forever, shipping your child off to boarding school, and using duct tape are all permitted on the list.

I want to know.

You can answer these in the comments, on the form below, or schedule a call with me. Or just pick up the phone now and give me a ring or text message at 713-557-8048.

I’m asking as many parents as I can. So feel free to share this with others via email, Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter and even Pinterest!

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