AT&T ‘In My Day’ Commercial is Killing Math Students

I just saw this AT&T U-Verse commercial and almost screamed!

Yes, math class can be painful. But this commercial is promoting the negativity of math in everything. It’s opposing all that we work toward to make math accessible and acceptable.

And it’s using kids to do it!

If we want kids to be engaged in math, we need them to accept it as part of life. To see it all around them. And to not be influenced negatively by adults.

AT&T U-Verse has sent a message to kids, through their peers, that math is bad. It’s un-fun in all its forms. And it should be avoided.

And AT&T will suffer these consequences along with the rest of us!

We have a shrinking thinking employee pool.

Employers want thinkers. They want to hire people who are creative, think outside the box and are problem solvers.

Engaged math students are the seeds of this kind of employee.

And as AT&T and other companies promote the negativity of math, they’re shrinking their thinking employee pool!

Look at the math in your company, AT&T!

I implore the marketing group of AT&T to consider where you use math, logic and problem solving.

Think about the kind of people you need and want in your company.

Even the “non math” jobs use math. Maybe not in the “solve for x” sense. But when a student engages in math, they build their brains. They are able to solve problems – of all kinds – better.

Don’t you want better thinkers and problem solvers?

Then stop the madness!

How about writing an “In My Day” commercial that talks about the advancement of technology? How math is used to create the ability to move the TV outside for a birthday party?

And stop killing the potential for creative thinking for your future employees! 

If you think AT&T is doing our children a disservice, tweet this to them. And share your thoughts in the comments.

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    • We have so much math negativity that often we let it go without thinking about it. My job is to point it and and to call them on it.

      Thanks for stopping by, Denise!

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