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Guest posts contribute to the value and usefulness of this blog. I welcome guest posts, as they offer diversity in thinking and methods.

If you want to contribute, read the guidelines below. Then take some time to familiarize yourself with the blog. Browse around. If you feel your teaching style and methods can supplement or complement, send me an email at guestpost@mathfour.com. You may submit an idea for a post or the entire post.

  1. Your post or article must be your own original work and not duplicated from or on another site.
  2. The post must fit with the overall feel of this blog. It should give a tip, solve a problem or answer a question that a teacher, tutor, homeschooler or parent would have regarding math.
  3. You should edit your submission for correct spelling and grammar. I reserve the right to edit and even though this is a math blog, I’m an English minor. I’ll use those skills as I need to.
  4. Your submission may not be published if too much editing is required.
  5. If a submitted article does not add value for the readers, it will not be published.
  6. Affiliate links within your article are not allowed.
  7. Include a link to your own blog or website as well as a brief bio. Normally I will put your name and url at the top of the post and your full (and brief) bio at the bottom of the post.
  8. I will accept your article within an email or as a Word attachment. I graciously accept already formatted html, if that’s your thing. If you do, please make sure that you check out the way I do it so that the style fits.

I will notify you of receipt of your article within a week. If you submit an idea for a post, I’ll get back to you sooner than that. If there are any editorial or revision issues, I will let you know and we can discuss how to proceed. Send proposals and completed articles to guestpost@mathfour.com.

I’ll let you know when your article will be posted so you can promote it. If you promote via Twitter, let me know and I’ll look out for your tweets to RT them. If you promote on a Facebook Fan Page, I’ll make sure to Like it and link to it on my Facebook Fan Page.

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