Wild Math

Here, anything goes. And laws are only enforced when they suit our needs.

This site is a place for teachers, homeschoolers, parents and tutors to develop the best skills for teaching math.

It’s the back room of the saloon. You hold all the cards. With the tips and tricks you find here, you can go “all-in” and bet on your kids’ success.

You’ll see the areas where outlaw mathematicians really did “make stuff up” and where things are done for a purpose. You’ll gain a better understanding of how it all works together so you can explain it even better.

Are you ready to set your students and children up to ride off into the sunset when they graduate in 12, 8 or 2 years? Well, belly up to the bar – order up your first draft of cold frothy \sqrt{beer} *.

Head to the blog now.

*Okay, bad math joke. You’ll get quite a bit of that here too!

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