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One Response to Make a Geometric Heart

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One Response to GeoGebra – Overcoming the Fear

  1. With Geogebra, it is so easy to look at many ‘What if s’ at the same time. Example: Place four points anywhere and connect them to create a quadrilateral. Locate the midpoints of each of the four sides and connect them to create another quadrilateral. Show that the lastest quadrilateral created is always a parallelogram no matter where the original four points were placed. First of all, you can grab one of the orignal vertices and move it wherever and watch that the smaller quadrilateral changes shape but it looks as if it is indeed always a parallelogram. Place enough measurements of the smaller quadrilateral to assure that it is a parallelogram. Move one of the original vertices and watch the measurements change – but always assuring the the smaller quadrilateral is a parallelogram. I see many students much more engaged with this – especially if they are doing the constructions.

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One Response to Math Picture Book: Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland

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2 Responses to Rectangles and Triangles – How They Compare

  1. Bon, this is where you are at your best! Videos like this should be part of That’s Math. Adults need to find the magical spark of math in order to be able to pass it on.

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2 Responses to How to Teach Right Triangles when Crossing the Street

    • I love it!

      And this is why it is so important for teachers to keep their own ears and eyes peeled, right? If you hadn’t listened to him, he would have gotten so discouraged.

      Good for him for seeing this very real connection – and good for you for acknowledging it!

      (and thanks so much for sharing this story, Sue!)

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2 Responses to Learning Right Triangles with Discovery Toys

  1. Thank you for this terrific tutorial using Discovery Toys’ Giant Pegboard. Isn’t it fun that a toddler toy can be used all the way up to teach geometry to a high school student? That is the value of Discovery Toys!

    • Hey, Valerie!

      Thanks for the comment! I do enjoy the Discovery Toys – almost to the point of hogging them to myself!

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