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Profit Distribution to Employees by Most Profitable Companies
(If those companies decided to share profits that way)

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Best of Groupon 2015


Watch this fun animation of the various radian measurements around a circle. http://mathfour.com/?p=9743






Thanks for your interest in partnering with MathFour.com. This media and rate sheet is a simulated page from the site – designed to help you make advertising decisions with the least effort!

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About Bon:

Bon Crowder is a math mom and education fanatic. She’s cursed with the sight – to see math everywhere. Which means whatever your brand is – she can find math in it and promote it to her readers!

Bon has coached over 15,000 adults in living rooms, classrooms and conferences. She has appeared on eHow.com, Great Day Houston, and been quoted in the Wall Street Journal. She is the author of the Mom & Me Math series and Guided Creativity for the Busy Thinker.

About MathFour.com:

MathFour.com is a math education blog that helps teachers and parents confidently and creatively support their children in math.


MathFour.com readers are:

  • 80% female
  • 75% between 35-65 years old
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  • 60% classroom teachers

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  • Page Rank: 4
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Email Newsletter Ads:

MathFour.com sends a weekly auto responder to over 2000 subscribers (and growing).

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Feature/Review Post – Math Education Products

An original post written by MathFour.com about your math education product or brand. Products will not be returned and must be full size or full subscription.

Products are reviewed by Bon Crowder, member of her family and/or staff. Two links to your website and/or product are included in the post.

Prices start at 200USD.

Feature Post – Non-Math Education Products

An original post written by MathFour.com showing how using your product or brand promotes math learning. Two links to your website and/or product are included in the post.

Prices start at 150USD.

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  • 70 x 575 above content: 150USD/month
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  • 250 x 250 sidebar above the fold: 100USD/month*
  • 250 x 250 sidebar below the fold: 75USD/month
  • 250 x 125 sidebar below the fold: 40USD/month
  • 125 x 125 sidebar below the fold: 25USD/month
  • 125 x 600 skyscraper below the fold: 175USD/month

* Only one available per month!

I offer a 10% discount for additional advertising months with a 3 month minimum.

All payments are made through Paypal or check. Payments must be received in full prior to ad placement on the site.

All ads must be approved by publisher. I reserve the right to reject any ad deemed inappropriate. No refunds will be given once ads have been placed on MathFour.com.






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