I am a normal person. Doing normal things. Living life normally.

The difference between students and teachers is confidence. Instructors are confident in their mistakes.

I make the same errors everyone else does and I don’t let it bog me down. When I discover it’s wrong, I use it to learn something and I go figure it out. No panic, no worries.

Sometimes this makes me look like a moron. But I’ll ask you to consider it an example of Teaching Math Tip # 8.

There will be many errors along the way. And I can’t go back and re-video everything that has an error. So I’m going to set this page up to track them. If you think you’ve found a mistake in my work that I didn’t catch and fix in the video, check here. If it isn’t listed, please comment on the post with the error and I’ll get it linked here.

Mistakes and Errors

How to Calculate the Weight of Cannon – 117 \times 17 \neq 1959

Mistakes and Errors That Were Corrected During Taping